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Top Three Tuesday – November Edition

A while back I started a monthly post about my three favorite beers of the moment. That lasted like, two months. Oops! I’m bringing it back from the dead for November with a promise to be more consistent. Pinky swear. Without further ado, my top three faves: DSC_0938 #1 – I told you in my last post about my obsession with saison, which has not changed. Given my love, I judge them harshly. I’ve had my fair share of too sweet imitators. Bunch of posers.

My current favorite is Northcoast’s Le Merle, a delightfully rustic saison that is bottle conditioned to perfection. This saison is not super dry, but still has a nice funk, and a lot of fruity esters in the nose and taste. It’s harder to find on draft, but apparently possible. On their website Northcoast has a handy dandy app that will let you find any of their beers locally. Definitely get on this. North Coast Le Merle Saison #2 – I am head over heels for Brooklyn Brewery’s Local 1. I have to say, I’m a bit ashamed I had never tried this until about two weeks ago. This 9% Belgian Golden Strong Ale is deliciously (and devilishly) drinkable. But so. freaking. good. Ugh, I can’t stand it. The complex esters and phenolics are tantalizing. The effervescence is mesmerizing. Tracey Morgan says it best, just sub “cornbread” for “Local 1”. Go get some. Brooklyn Brewery Local 1 and finally, a dark, complex beer to round out #3: Firestone Walker’s Wookie Jack. At 80 IBUs and 8.3% ABV, tis is a roasty and wonderful black rye IPA. It’s got a simultaneously citrusy and roasty nose with a big hop flavor. You get the rye in the dry, peppery kick at the end. Kind of like a super hopped up robust porter more than merely a “black” IPA, but some see no distinction. Wookie is opaque black at 45 SRM. If you’re into big roasty and hoppy beers, you will love this. I had it on tap in Colorado last month and it was divine. I think it is almost as good in bottle form, but if you can get it fresh on draft that is even better. Firestone Walker Wookie Jack What’re YOU drinking and loving?

6 thoughts on “Top Three Tuesday – November Edition”

  • Saisons are easily one of my favourite types of beer, I need to get my hands on La Merle!

    I love how I just realized a couple of years ago that just like my seasonal eating philosophy, I tend to naturally gravitate towards the same concept with my beer and spirits consumption. I’m heading back to the darker robust brews now and am excited to try the new ones that have popped up since seasons past.

    My fave recently has been 21st Amendment’s Fireside Chat, have you had it yet?! Wonderful stuff.

    • Yea, saison is great.

      I definitely tend toward the same, darker more alcoholic beers in the winter, lighter in the summer for sure. Though there are some styles I can drink almost year round (IPAs and saisons).

      I have not tried Fireside Chat – is it very spiced? Or lightly… I tend to like more delicately spiced winter beers. Thanks for the suggestion!!

      • Sorry I took so long to respond! Swept up in work and an annual vacay up to New York (sooooo soooo much good beer and food).

        Fireside Chat is perfectly spiced, just as with my pumpkin ales, i don’t want to just get a beer that tastes like it has had a bunch of spices dumped in to it. That’s right where I would put Fireside Chat. It reminds me of a Christmas Cake (fruit cake) that has been balanced perfectly. The beer has a body full of brown sugar and malt that is made more interesting by subtle warming spice. I think it would be up your alley. And for being nearly 8% it is ridiculously drinkable.

        And now to catch up on your onslaught of posts!

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