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The Easter Duck and PURPLE Carrots

For Easter dinner I made this ridiculously delicious duck breast recipe from Food52. This from a girl who has never made any form of duck. Ever.

Maple Orange Glazed duck

Pretty fancy looking, right? Are you drooling? I kind of am just looking at these pictures all over again. Even though this meal was just for hubby and I, it was still a bit of a nail biter. Thank goodness it ended up being way easier than I expected. I was definitely skeptical.

I started getting a taste for duck just a couple years ago. In fact, it was the trip where hubby proposed {collective “Awwww”}. We had an amazing, emotion (and seafood) filled weekend in Kennebunkport, Maine that ended with a drive up to Portland for a little city sightseeing. Just when we started to get hungry, we found Duckfat, a fabulous restaurant that cooks their french fries in what else? duck fat. Duck fat fries are freaking awesome btw. Duckfat (the restaurant) also makes the most amazing duck confit panini I have ever had in my life. The trip made me a bit of a duck lover. Since then, I’ve gotten a bit more adventurous with my duck consumption (crispy duck tongues, anyone?), but hadn’t personally made it until last weekend.

I’m telling you all this because I really was nervous to make duck, but it turned out to be SO, SO EASY. I cannot emphasize enough, making the duck was not difficult at all. Plus the resulting meal was absolutely delicious, and a real stunner. It is the perfect meal to make for a special occasion. It’s one of those meals where guests would say, “Um, you actually made this?” Just try it. You will be so glad you did. You just need to make sure and follow the directions to the tee, starting by scoring the fat, which looks a little like a horror film. Sorry for the gross pics.

The orange and maple combo was phenomenal – I can’t wait to try different flavor combos. The only thing I wish I had done a bit different is to let the breasts brown up just a tiny bit more (as pictured in the link). I think I was afraid of the fat burning, but have no fear. Just make sure to check every so often, and keep it on a medium heat, as recommended by the author.

Purple Carrots

For a side, I pan fried these gorgeous purple carrots in a bit of that gross looking delicious duckfat, and de-glazed the pan with a little dry vermouth. I just had to buy them when I saw them at our local market. Anytime I see oddly colored produce I am so sold. I mean, really? Purple carrots. No brainer. Plus I had heard you can make pesto out of the carrot top greens which I was excited to try. When I started thinking about what I was going to tell you about this week, I really thought that the carrot pesto was going to be the main show of this post, but it’s really only a tiny glimpse into next weeks Monday food musings. This duck and purple carrot business is clearly the star of this show. Purple carrots!!

Carrots scrubbed up and ready to cook

Rather than peeling the carrots, I simply scrubbed them up well with a hard bristled potato scrubber. They were so small and tender already that I didn’t want to peel off any of their deliciousness.

purple carrots sauteed in duckfat and vermouth

The moral of today’s story is: #1. Make duck breast. and #2 Buy strangely colored produce. It will usually be delicious and looks awesome.

That’s all folks!


2 thoughts on “The Easter Duck and PURPLE Carrots”

    • Yay easy duck! We used some of the duck fat for the carrots but didn’t actually end up with as much fat leftover as I expected. I think had we cooked it the tiniest bit longer, we would’ve rendered more fat. I 100% plan on keeping any leftover fat for next time though. I can image so many good uses!

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