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Cellar Dweller Craft Beer at Valley Vineyards

I had an opportunity to visit Cellar Dweller Craft Beer at Valley Vineyards winery last week – It has been on my to-do list for months, and I finally made it!

Here is a quick back story in case you’re new to Cellar Dweller: Valley Vineyards is an award winning winery located in Morrow, Ohio, just a short drive North of Cincinnati off 71. Steve, the head brewer of Cellar Dweller has been a homebrewer for many years. In 2012 he convinced his family, owners of Valley Vineyard to start a craft brewery in the basement. He literally is the cellar dweller. Now Steve serves up tasty craft beers from easy drinking lawnmower beers to high IBU hop bombs at the Vineyard. Continue reading Cellar Dweller Craft Beer at Valley Vineyards

The trials and tribulations of growing hops {+ my March fave}

Look what came in the mail!!!
cascade hop rhizome

Some of you are like, um, wtf is that? Hop rhizomes people!!! It is officially hop planting season. Last year was the first year we planted hops. We opted for three varieties: the very popular Cascade, Nugget, and Golding varieties, which grow back from season to season. Quite unfortunately, a very evil squirrel hijacked the entire Cascade rhizome so we bought another one, and tried again. This time we learned our lesson and installed some netting, as well as a solar powered stake that supposedly uses sonic waves to scare away animals. I’m slightly skeptical about whether this actually works, but so far, so good. Continue reading The trials and tribulations of growing hops {+ my March fave}

Beer Diary: Blank Slate Brewing Company is in the ‘Hood!

There are lots of exciting things going on right now here at LBLF. I can hardly stand it! This weekend I had the honor of touring Blank Slate Brewing Company, a relative new-comer to the Cincinnati craft beer scene. Scott Lafollette, brewer owner, and I chatted about all things brewing for almost two hours. We had a blast as he showed me around the brewery, discussing what BSBC was all about, and tasting a beer, or three. Blank Slate Brewing Company

I ALSO had the pleasure (please-ure?) of meeting up with my new friend, Ryan Santos, chef of the outstanding haute cuisine style pop-up dinner series “Please to Eat You.” He’s graciously sharing a beer&food hybrid with LBLF: how-to make vinegar out of BEER. Me=freaking.out.about.this. Then we’ll be collaborating on a subsequent recipe using the vinegar that can’t be missed. I just love a little DIY in the kitchen. You’ll have to wait for my upcoming Monday food musings for more about the how to, I just couldn’t help but give you a little teaser. Continue reading Beer Diary: Blank Slate Brewing Company is in the ‘Hood!

Beer Diary, today I visited 50 West Brewery…

Happy Thursday! Welcome to what will now be a weekly beer-tastic series. Every Thursday on LBLF you’ll get a glimpse into my real life beer diary. For those who’ve been following along, you’re probably a little excited, and a lot scared. Reasonably so.

Horse and Buggy Scotch Ale

Continue reading Beer Diary, today I visited 50 West Brewery…