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Lemony Kale and Chicken Soup

This recipe was born of necessity. A couple weeks ago I was disgustingly ill – fever, sore throat, cough, etc. Of course my husband was working, and I needed a piping hot bowl of soup to the face, stat.

Since I’d been sick, I hadn’t been to the grocery store in days. There was barely a fresh item in the fridge. I’d already drained two boxes of Trader Joe’s tomato soup, and things were looking desperate. Continue reading Lemony Kale and Chicken Soup

Hot ‘n’ Spicy Chorizo Soup… and a confession.

As typically happens, tonight’s meal was loosely informed by a few recipes found online, but mostly just completely improvised. My husband loves this about me. Please tell me that you sense the sarcasm. But seriously, I’ve got a great, spicy chorizo and orzo soup rocking this post. Paired with a nice funky Belgian saison? Can’t get much better kids.

Continue reading Hot ‘n’ Spicy Chorizo Soup… and a confession.