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So you want to host a beer pairing dinner…

I was recently approached by Dan Higgins, a friend and excellent local chef, to host a beer pairing dinner. I figured it was a great opportunity to put into practice all of the beer pairing studying I did for the Certified Cicerone® exam. Plus, it’s hard to say no to someone who says, “how about I come to your house and make a six course dinner and you pair beers with it.”

No brainer.

Before I start, I have to apologize in advance for the hunger and thirst that this article will cause you. It was probably one of, if not THE, best meals I’ve ever eaten. Hopefully it will help you plan the best meal of your life too.

Plating Duck Continue reading So you want to host a beer pairing dinner…

Phoenix Beer Adventures (Part 3 of 3. Finally.)

Oops! I kiiiind of forgot about this last little Beer Diary Travel Edition post. My bad. It’s not even because it was a lackluster, unmemorable experience or something. In fact, it was by far the beer highlight of our trip.

Fate Brewing Scottsdale AZFor those of you who don’t remember, or who are just joining the conversation (hi! welcome!) Mike and I visited his family in Phoenix, AZ back in February. As with most vacations, we spent a fair amount of time checking out the local beer scene (Part 1 and Part 2 for reference). We stumbled upon Fate Brewing one afternoon after a delicious breakfast out with Mike’s fam. Continue reading Phoenix Beer Adventures (Part 3 of 3. Finally.)