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Authentic Lamb Curry {Chef CollaBREWation #3}

As you know already, Dan, our chef collaBREWator has worked at some pretty fantastic restaurants, including Straights of Malacca, a Malaysian fine dining restaurant. One of his absolute favorite dishes to make and eat is this ridiculously tasty, authentic curry. “A sure thing on my future restaurant menu,” he exclaims with aplomb.

His take on the dish is spicy, complex and oh so delicious. Filled with fresh lemongrass, ginger, curry leavesturmeric and Galangal, this beautiful red curry is not just delicious, but truly legit. It sounds a little scary, but these authentic ingredients can be found. Locally to me in Cincinnati, I was able to find all of these (except the curry leaves) at Jungle Jim’s. You can also try an Asian market or specialty store for all plus the curry leaves, or you can try and order them online.

Chef Dan Higgins
Chef Dan Higgins enjoying a 21st Amendment Lower DeBoom Barleywine

After trying the dish myself, I assure you that if I ever fulfill my own lifelong dream of owning a brewpub (girls can dream), I wholeheartedly agree that it would have a spot on the menu. Continue reading Authentic Lamb Curry {Chef CollaBREWation #3}

Moroccan Spiced Couscous with Roasted Vegetables {and my fave spring seasonal}

Goodbye winter. Goodbye cold, grey sadness, welcome Aprihop. Aka SPRING. Dogfish Head nails this delicious spring seasonal every year. Mmmm Aprihop. My absolute favorite springtime beer. AND it pairs crazy well with the couscous I’m about to tell you about. As you might have guessed, Aprihop has apricots, and lots of hop action: It is both continuously hopped as its brewed, then dry hopped as it ferments. It’s like a Magic Hat #9 mixed with a delicious, fruit forward, but very hoppy IPA. (You might not know that Magic Hat #9 has apricot extract in it, but then again you probably do, ’cause you’re awesome like that). Aprihop is available March-May, so go out and find some!

Dogfish Head Aprihop

On to the couscous. Continue reading Moroccan Spiced Couscous with Roasted Vegetables {and my fave spring seasonal}

Spicy Ginger Shiitake Soup

I cannot believe I have gone this long without a single mention of the best condiment of all time.

add extra sriracha

Sriracha, aka rooster sauce. You know of my love for mayo, but my relationship with Sriracha is so much deeper. If you combine the two and spread it on a sandwich, don’t even get me started. Continue reading Spicy Ginger Shiitake Soup

Hot Honey Ginger Throat Ease

Cold and flu season is here kids. Ugh.

If you’re anything like me, every Winter it seems you wake up one morning with that slight tickle in the back of your throat. Throughout the day you try and convince yourself, “I’m probably just dehydrated,” or, “I really haven’t been sleeping well.” These things may be true, but you’re probably getting sick. Continue reading Hot Honey Ginger Throat Ease