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Beer Cheese {Guest Post!}

Hey there. I’m Tom Aguero and I write QueenCityDrinks.com – a blog about beer, liquor, and wine, and especially about all those things in and around Cincinnati. My blog is just about drinks not food, and certainly not recipes, so I immediately reached out to my friend Lindsay here at Love Beer, Love Food when I came across this delicious beer cheese recipe.

I love going to bottle shares and usually bring a bottle or two of beer, but when I don’t bring beer, I always bring food. Actually, there is only 1 food I ever bring, and it’s Servatii’s soft pretzels and beer cheese. I have yet to see a disappointed face when they see me show up with these tasty treats. Confused faces maybe if they’ve never had it before, but confusion turns to delight at first taste. Continue reading Beer Cheese {Guest Post!}

Jezebel: Tastes like home.

Wow you guys. It has been WAY too long since we’ve chatted, but I can explain! Last week I took my Cicerone exam, which I was studying for literally every night. As you can imagine this has sucked up nearly all of my free time for the past couple months. The good news is I am feeling pretty confident and excited about my prospects. In approximately 3-6 weeks I should know whether I am a certified Cicerone. Commence incessant email checking . . .  

In addition to all this Cicerone business, I have been traveling a lot – both for work and for pleasure. In fact I just got back from a trip to Boston, my hometown, to meet my adorable new baby nephew and celebrate with my best friend at her wedding.

Jezebel ingredients

Now that I’m back in Cincinnati and real life (major whomp whomp), I’ve been feeling rather homesick. So, I cracked a beer and made up a big batch of one of my all time favorite family appetizers. It’s called Jezebel, and I have no idea why, but honestly it doesn’t really matter. 

My Aunty Karen is the Jezebel maker in our family. She was given the recipe by a friend years and years ago, and thank heaven above for that. I can’t remember life before Jezebel and I don’t want to imagine life without it. To me, this dip tastes like every holiday slash happy family event combined into one delicious bite.

In college I started getting really into cooking. Naturally, I asked for the famous Jezebel recipe so I could make it for all of my friends. When I saw the ingredient list for the first time after eating it for all those years, I was utterly baffled. This can’t possibly be right, I remember thinking. But, I followed the instructions and low and behold, glorious golden Jezebel emerged.

take a big goopy bite

Continue reading Jezebel: Tastes like home.