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Ei8ht Ball Brewing: Open for business!

As I sit here sipping our very own homemade cider, I can’t help but smile. This has been an amazing week. It started out pretty normal, working the daily grind at my real job. And then the good news started pouring in: First, I got invited to the media preview for Ei8ht Ball Brewing, Greater Cincinnati’s newest brewery. (The event was Thursday and it was amazing. I’ll expound on that in just a second I promise). Next, my Beer Glassware post went viral on Reddit with over 15,000 views thanks to my friend Tom of Queen City Drinks. Then, the kicker. I got the email I’ve been waiting on for the past nail-biting month:

“On behalf of Cicerone Program Director Ray Daniels and the Cicerone Exam Management Team, I’d like to congratulate you on passing the Certified Cicerone® exam!”

I nearly peed and threw up at the same time. Months and months of hard studying, tasting, and evaluating has paid off: I am a Certified Cicerone®.

Whew! Exciting stuff, guys.

But enough about that, like I said, this Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the media preview event for Ei8ht Ball Brewing. Ei8ht Ball is located at the Party Source, the epically huge and amazing liquor store just over the river from Cincinnati in Bellevue, Kentucky. They have an amazing beer selection and now, they have their very own brewery and tap room.

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Off Flavored Beer, Lessons from Scott at Blank Slate

Ever drink a beer and think to yourself, hm, there’s something wrong here? Maybe it was a beer you’ve had a hundred times, but this time, it just didn’t taste right. You couldn’t place what exactly it was that tasted off, but it was definitely off. Off flavored beer is an all too common occurrence, one which I have been trying my best to learn a lot more about in preparation for the cicerone exam (you know, that “beer sommelier” exam that you are all bored to tears of hearing me talk about).

Well luckily, a few weeks back, I was having a discussion with my friend Scott over at Blank Slate Brewing company all about my concerns, fears, and potential knowledge gaps for the upcoming exam, when Scott, who happens to be a certified cicerone himself, volunteered to host an off-flavor seminar for myself and a few other bloggers and homebrewers.

Scott is awesome. He first won my favor last year when he let me tour the brewery and answered all of my crazy beer and brewing questions without even knowing me (you can find that post by clicking here). Plus I don’t think I know anyone else who would take hours out of their crazy busy lives, on a Sunday, no less, to teach a few beer nerds about foul, off flavored beer. But, there we found ourselves, yesterday afternoon at Blank Slate, learning all about various beer afflictions.

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