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Simple and delicious beer vinaigrette

Remember when I made beer vinegar with chef Ryan Santos? Well, 8 months later it’s done and glorious.

It’s actually been done for a while, like since the summer. I sort of um, forgot about it. Which, at first was the point, since it needed about three months to get all vinegary and delicious.

And then it was November. Oops!

Good news is it’s definitely done, and it’s time to make some more.Making Beer Vinegar Continue reading Simple and delicious beer vinaigrette

Spent Grain Brown Butter Banana Bread

So much alliteration and deliciousness. You’re going to die. In a good way.

Spent Grain Brown Butter Banana Bread

Ever since we brewed our RyePA a few weeks ago, my friend Sarah and I have been on kind of a spent grain recipe bender. This is a good thing, because as it turns out, when you brew a 15 gallon batch of beer you have a LOT of grain leftover. Continue reading Spent Grain Brown Butter Banana Bread

Individual Strawberry Rhubarb (Cardamom) Crumbles

Wandering around my most favorite local market always gives me so much inspiration (and NO it is not Trader Joe’s, but good guess).

Individual Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

This time, I discovered some absolutely gorgeous rhubarb at Daisy Mae’s at Findlay Market. It was just too pretty to put down. I mean, seriously?


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