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A Tale of Two RyePA’s

We’ve been very busy little homebrewers of late, and it feels so right.

I’ve been talking a lot about these RyePA (Rye IPA) beers we brewed on our friend Sean’s Electric Brewery system, remember that gorgeous system I told you about? Well, they’re all carbonated and ready to enjoy!! To celebrate, last weekend we had a combined tapping/birthday party. What better way to celebrate my late twenties than with a duo of delicious home brews!

We went ahead and splurged by getting Eli’s BBQ catered which was UH-mazing. God I love that place. Beers and BBQ, ya’ll. Happy birthday to me.

Mike enjoying a MadTree Happy Amber at Elis

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It’s Electric!

Homebrewers, take note. Today’s Beer Diary is all about our experience brewing a new set of beers (“RyePA Two Ways”) on the Electric Brewery. It is as awesome as it sounds. Boogie woogie woogie.

Now that you’ve got The Electric Slide stuck in your head from now until eternity (I’m sorry I’m not sorry). This is the coolest, most badass homebrewing set up I’ve seen. Ever. Continue reading It’s Electric!