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Pairing beer and CHEESE

For those of you who think that wine is the ultimate beverage to pair with cheese, think again.

I’m not hating on wine. I LOVE wine, but beer has an equally deserving place at the side of your favorite cheeses.

Cheese for me is heaven. It satisfies my love for everything savory. I would seriously take a big hunk of cheese over dessert any day. Weird, I know. I recently read Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher – the perfect intro level book for beer and cheese pairing, which inspired me to write this post. If you’re really interested in the topic, I would highly recommend it – great pictures and fantastic, straight forward advice.

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Top Three Tuesday – November Edition

A while back I started a monthly post about my three favorite beers of the moment. That lasted like, two months. Oops! I’m bringing it back from the dead for November with a promise to be more consistent. Pinky swear. Without further ado, my top three faves: DSC_0938 Continue reading Top Three Tuesday – November Edition