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Caramelized Apple, Bacon, and Gruyere Pizza

Ok. I try really, really hard not to make ridiculous claims on this blog. Obviously, everything that I share with you is something I love and am excited about, but I can’t stand when food bloggers claim that something was “the best thing they’ve ever tasted,” because really?  It’s just not.

Unless it is.

fool proof pizza dough

I’m having trouble putting this pizza into words. I’m generally excited about anything that involves cheese and carbs so that’s not out of the ordinary, but this combination, it’s like… Continue reading Caramelized Apple, Bacon, and Gruyere Pizza

Hot or Cold Barley Summer Salad

I’m gonna be honest. I’m not really sure what this recipe is. I mean, other than fresh and delicious.

Hot or Cold Barley Salad

Is it a cold salad? Is it a warm side dish?

Hm. It could be either, I guess. You decide! Like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. Continue reading Hot or Cold Barley Summer Salad

Travel Edition: Lousiville, KY (+BACON pasta)

I think I’ve finally woken up from my Thanksgiving Day food coma. Three weeks later….

Sorry guys. I have been productive though! Over our brief Thanksgiving break, hubby and I visited dear foodie/beer snob friends of ours in Louisville, Kentucky. We decided to spend our Friday afternoon on a little beer tour of the city. We visited a local brew-pub, beer store, AND brewery, all of which were stellar.Turns out, Louisville has a bumping beer scene going right now. Who knew?

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Dark Chocolate Vanilla Porter BACON Cupcakes

Please forgive me for this.

These are dark chocolate, vanilla porter, BACON cupcakes (adapted from a recipe of someone who knows a lot more about baking than I – thanks Delly).

I’m really not much of a baker. My need to improvise/tinker just doesn’t correlate with meticulous measurement and actual recipe following. Plus I am WAY too impatient to properly measure most of the time. But, I did follow this recipe to the T, just subbed out a few key ingredients, with what else? Beer.

I just kept thinking to myself, if bacon and chocolate are a good pair, why not beer too? A nice smoky vanilla porter?? Um, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

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