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So much cider.

Our first batch of cider is done!!


It is golden and dry at a final gravity of 0.996 (to learn all about gravity click here). For reference, a typical American Pale Ale would have a final gravity of 1.010-1.015, and your driest saisons are as low as 1.002). We used Wyeast 3068 or Weihenstephan yeast which is mostly used for weizen beers, or German wheat beers. These types of ales typically have a noticeable banana and or clove characteristic. We thought it would be interesting with the cider, and it is. The flavor is subtle, but there. A light banana and phenolic smell on the nose and in the after taste, with a dry, long, somewhat tart finish. Continue reading So much cider.

From apples to hard cider, a How-To

I’m finally back from vacation (and have even passed the subsequent period of vacation-is-over depression), and am extremely psyched to tell you all about our apple cider adventures!

A lot of beer drinkers poo-poo cider thinking that it is just a too-sweet girl beverage. Well as a savory-toothed, beer loving chick, I’m here to tell you that a well-made, dry hard cider is completely delicious and gender neutral. Mike and I have been talking about making just such a hard apple cider for at least a year or two. We finally decided to do some real research a couple months ago, and were pleasantly surprised at how easy it sounded. We learned that to make the best artisanal ciders, all you need is fresh, unpasteurized apple cider, and the appropriate yeast. Continue reading From apples to hard cider, a How-To