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Hopping into spring {TTT March 2014}

As you know by now if you’ve been following along with LBLF, the first Tuesday of every month is “Top Three Tuesday” where I share my current favorite beers.  I would pour these beers directly into your mouths if I could, but TTT is the next best thing.

As the weather warms (sorta), I’m craving hoppy, drinkable beers. We’re gonna do this month’s TTT by hop intensity – starting with a new favorite of mine:

Two Brother’s “Sidekick” Extra Pale Ale

Two Brothers' Sidekick Extra Pale Ale Continue reading Hopping into spring {TTT March 2014}

The trials and tribulations of growing hops {+ my March fave}

Look what came in the mail!!!
cascade hop rhizome

Some of you are like, um, wtf is that? Hop rhizomes people!!! It is officially hop planting season. Last year was the first year we planted hops. We opted for three varieties: the very popular Cascade, Nugget, and Golding varieties, which grow back from season to season. Quite unfortunately, a very evil squirrel hijacked the entire Cascade rhizome so we bought another one, and tried again. This time we learned our lesson and installed some netting, as well as a solar powered stake that supposedly uses sonic waves to scare away animals. I’m slightly skeptical about whether this actually works, but so far, so good. Continue reading The trials and tribulations of growing hops {+ my March fave}