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Spotlight: Harpoon Brewery

For those of you who are familiar with local Boston beers, you’ll know a lot about one of my  favorite hometown breweries: Harpoon.

This weekend I flew “home” to surprise my best friend for her birthday, which was oh-so-fun and completely hilarious (as are all get-togethers with a certain crazy best friend). One of the first things I did upon landing was pick up some beer… shocker, I know.

To me, Harpoon just tastes like Boston, so despite that pumpkin beers are on their way out for the season I HAD to pick up a six pack of Harpoon’s Pumpkin UFO. Don’t judge – I live in frickin’ Ohio for goodness sake – give a girl a break. After the surprise went down, I celebrated by drinking two of these delicious, seasonal beers immediately. This is a nice light(er) pumpkin beer, unfiltered and not overwhelmingly spiced. Very drinkable at 5.9% ABV, and tasting of fall.

Beer number two of the trip had to be the Harpoon flagship, and perhaps one of my favorite go-to beers: good ol’ Harpoon IPA. This is not as in your face hop-wise as some IPAs are these days, but it will always be there for you, to support your love of hops and remind you of those first few good beers you ever had. Or maybe you aren’t exactly like me… but really, Harpoon IPA is a perfect beer when you don’t want to shell out $8 for the more pricey, West coast, uber hopped IPAs. Which don’t get me wrong, I adore.

I also bought a bomber of their White IPA which, very sadly I never had the chance to drink. Another commonly referenced modern day tragedy. Hopefully I can find it somewhere nearby where we live, or I might cry. BUT! The silver lining was, as I depressedly walked through the airport toward my terminal I realized that just across from my jet-way was the Harpoon brewery restaurant fully stocked with 8 beers on tap. Hallelujahs rang out.

Especially when I found out what was on tap: Rich and Dan’s RYE IPA. Rye IPAs are becoming one of my favorite brews. This one is perfectly bitter, great hop nose and that lovely note of sweet and spicy rye. If you like a good, moderately bitter IPA you must try this. (Another one of my fave rye IPAs is the Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye – ca-razy good). This Harpoon Rye though, yum doesn’t begin to describe how good this is. I downed two while making small talk with my new bar buddy, who also happens to work two buildings away from my office in the big O. It’s a small world people. Plus I’ve found that good beer has a way of bringing people together. Cheers to a fun trip, amazing friends, and some stellar brews.

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