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Thanks for visiting Love Beer, Love Food. I’m Lindsay, a Certified Cicerone® (beer sommelier) with an intense passion for all things beer and food.

me at Incline Public House

Basically, if you can consume it, I’m into it. I love it all. My husband Mike and I have been home brewing beer for about seven years and I’ve been a serious home cook for ten.

Here on LBLF I write about our home-brewing adventures, beer and food pairing advice, my current food recipe obsession, and general beer goodness. If you’re not already a homebrewer, I hope I can convince you to give it a try. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way, but I try and post regularly.

This blog is really a place for beer and food lovers to come together and TALK about these wonderful things we love. Please comment, ask questions, make suggestions, I want to hear from you! Emails can be sent to lovebeerlovefood@gmail.com.

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Lindsay Bohanske, Certified Cicerone®


28 thoughts on “About and Contact Info”

  1. Not a lousy cook, a lousy cook would not be able to make my most favorite food in the world! I hear mom soup!!!! And mom! xo

  2. Linds – love this and you! Happy blogging! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes (or adapt them since I’ll likely only be able to find half the ingredients over here)! XOXO

  3. Hi Lindsay, i work in the ER with your hubby. I wanted to start my husband off with a beer making kit to see if he likes it. Can you recommend any? Is this the best way to start with a pre fab kit?

    1. hey Patty! thanks for stopping by 🙂 we get almost all of our supplies at http://www.midwestsupplies.com/ and they have a bunch of starter kits. I would probably recommend starting that way (its what we did), then expanding as needed. This kit: http://www.midwestsupplies.com/brewing-starter-kit.html seems to have pretty much everything you’d need and has really good reviews. It doesn’t come with any ingredients, but you can buy ingredient kits too, which is a really easy way to get started. That way you can focus on the process at first, and not freak out about creating a recipe which can feel very overwhelming at first. You can absolutely borrow some of our homebrew books. Mike and I just love to share info so don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions!! We should start some kind of emergency homebrew hotline haha. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Your site is great too, I’ll definitely be following along. I grew up in Mass and always love to hear about updates from my old home, especially beer related ones 🙂

  4. I think I could get the reasons why people love beer with food.
    Reason-1:People do not drink beer while working at office. But after work, being hungry usually, they want to eat something and drink beer at the same time.
    Reason-2:Alcole in the beer rinses your tongue and as the result, you feel any food delicious so that you tend to eat much.
    what do you think?

  5. Hi Lindsay,

    I work with Greg, the owner of Charqs.com, Grilled Pork Jerky. The jerky is known for being grilled, sweet and tender pork jerky. We were interested in sending you a free sample for tasting and reviewing on your site. We are also interested in learning if Charqs Jerky goes well with certain beers and what type of beer that would be.

    In addition, we are a growing company and always looking for advertising opportunities if you offer that for your site. If you have any additional information such as site traffic on average and costs per ad dimensions as well, please send them our way. Please let us know an address to send a sample of Charqs Pork Jerky to and if you have any questions.

    Jon Thompson

  6. Hi Lindsay!
    this will be the most random email of your day, but you and i are both featured bloggers thru WCPO and i was hoping you could help me out really quickly. i’m trying to get a hold of either erin or jane (the most recent editors that I’ve always worked with) but none of the messages to them are going thru. do you know if there’s someone else i should be getting a hold of?
    also, my page recently deleted my “WCPO” badge and was wondering if you could send me the html code to yours?
    i know, i sound like a nut. i’m not. i promise! ha. i’m sure you have a million things to do every day but if you could help a sister out, i would appreciate it! thank you!

  7. While heading to our hunting area, my brother and I came upon 2 fields with long poles planted in them. We ran into a couple of locals and asked them if they knew what they were for and they said that they were for growing hops for a new brewery that opened in our town. After finding your site I know that our large garden just got larger as we will try to grow our own hops and make our own beer. I will keep you posted.

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  9. I hope this email finds you well. I’ve continued to follow your great blog and it just keeps getting better. It’s the writing. We’ve done some major upgrades to French Fry Heaven and I’d like to invited you out next Tuesday for an evening of Art, food and beer on us at 204 Calhoun starting at 7PM.

    Let me know if you can make it. I’d love to see you there!
    Cool Stuff

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