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Mango Salsa Guacamole Mash-Up

I had a revelation today. I really don’t know what happened, it just, came to me. This beautiful, perfect idea that had. to. happen.

Mango, Lime and Avocado

It all started when I was strolling around the grocery store and saw mangos on sale (10 for $10, heyoooo!!). Hm, I thought, haven’t had a mango in a while. Then, it struck me. Like a voice from above: MANGO GUACAMOLE!

Mango Salsa Guacamole Mashup

As soon as I got home I started feverishly chopping and dicing. Despite my baseline klutziness, dangerously low blood sugar, and very sharp new knives, I didn’t even so much as nick myself. I am legitimately proud of myself for that one. But I’m even more proud of this dip. I know I say it all the time but SERIOUSLY, it will change your life. Mostly because of one huge thing: a whole day later,  the dip was still pristine green (granted, it was covered well in saran wrap so there was pretty much no air between the wrap and guac – but still!). There was not so much as a tint of brown. Because we all know there is nothing worse than brown guacamole. Nothing. I was astonished. I’m not sure if its the mango, or the lime juice, or the zest or what, but that might possibly be the best part about this. A close second is the tropical party happening in your mouth. Then there’s that.

Mango Salsa Guacamole Mashup

Mango Salsa Guacamole Mash-up

2 ripe avocados, cut into cubes

1 mango, diced into similarly sized cubes

1 big lime, or 2 smaller limes

1 jalapeño, ribs removed, diced

1 garlic clove, minced fine

few pinches of salt

1 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro

Start by cutting up your mango, which is by far the most annoying part about making this dip. For those who are completely flummoxed, click here for step by step instructions. Combine all ingredients, adding the zest of half of one of your limes, and juicing one and a half small to medium sized limes.  If you have giant softball sized limes like I did, just do one. Mix well. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips.

Mango Guacamole

Even though I despise football, I might have a Superbowl party JUST so I can make this dip again. Or I guess I could just have a regular party. Plus we don’t have a tv so there wouldn’t really be anything to do except eat and take turns watching the game on our iPad. Do me a favor, make this dip. Just do it. Oh, and drink a beer. Then your life will be perfect. Promise.

2 thoughts on “Mango Salsa Guacamole Mash-Up”

  • 1) It stayed green because the acid in the lime prevents the avocado from oxidizing.

    2) This tasted way, way better than I was expecting. Some guacamole recipes will utilize lots of dry spices to add flavor and complexity, but this recipe just uses salt and adds flavor with fresh, whole ingredients. In my opinion, that’s the best way, and it clearly works for this recipe. The sweetness of the mango totally balances against the spice of the cilantro and the creamy texture of the avocado. Tomatoes are almost an automatic addition to most guacamole’s….but I think here they aren’t even needed.

    Nicely done!

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