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Introducing Boh Small Batch Woodwares

Introducing Boh Small Batch Woodwares

It all started with a simple enough statement . . . “I want to learn how to make a cutting board.”

Fast forward a year, a few hundred Youtube woodworking videos, and countless hours jointing, planing, glueing, clamping, routing, and sanding in our two car garage-turned woodshop, and well, here we are.

Those of you that have been following along on the site for a while now know that making things is who we are, be it bread, vinegar, beer, cupcakes, keg systems, etc. This website has always been a joint venture between my husband, M-Boh, and myself (L-Boh).

M-Boh is a master at precision work, able to conquer anything with tools and his hands. I tend more toward the creative side, with eyes on the end-product vs. the process.

We’re a helluva team.

For now we’re focusing our woodwares on unique cheese & charcuterie boards, and end grain cutting boards (end grain boards tend to be much better on your knives and the cuts are also less visible, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!).

We’ve even made some custom beer flight paddles!

Each piece starts with rough hard woods, which we turn into functional works of art.

Eventually we aim to sell all of our woodwares directly via this site, but until then, please check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for our currently available inventory and to follow along on this new adventure. We also love doing custom pieces, so if you see something you like or have your own vision, please let us know by emailing us at bohsmallbatch@gmail.com.

If you need some inspiration, pictured below are just a handful of some of our favorite recent projects.

We greatly appreciate your support. Thanks for following along on this new adventure!

<3 L-Boh & M-Boh

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