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Hot Honey Ginger Throat Ease

Cold and flu season is here kids. Ugh.

If you’re anything like me, every Winter it seems you wake up one morning with that slight tickle in the back of your throat. Throughout the day you try and convince yourself, “I’m probably just dehydrated,” or, “I really haven’t been sleeping well.” These things may be true, but you’re probably getting sick. For me it seems that in this situation I am always just getting sick, no matter the amount of initial denial. Before I know it, I’m hacking up ungodly things and praying for relief of any kind. This exact situation is what led me to my most recent discovery. I started by trying the many suggestions of my friend Bjorn, including:

1) Warm salt gargles.  Impossible for those with even a modicum of gag reflex;

2) Menthol cough drops.  These just taste like sick person, ick;

3) Sudafed.  Does this make anyone else feel completely crazy? Crazy is not really my thing…

4) Hot tea.  Not bad, but caffeine is unnecessary and there’s just something missing;

until I finally came to the clear winner:

5) Hot ginger and honey water

This might seem, oh I don’t know, kinda dumb? But when you look at your other options, this one really is your best bet. That is if you like delicious throat calming honey steeped with ginger. And it actually helps! Coats your throat and dissolves some of that retched junk clinging to your upper respiratory tract. You could certainly add your favorite tea to this, if you like. Plus, if you’re doing this before bed? Add some bourbon or whiskey, it’ll definitely help you sleep. Like a Hot Toddy Throat Tonic. Heck even if you’re not sick this is delicious!

Hot Honey Ginger Throat Ease


4 thin slices ginger

1 tbsp honey

Hot water (~1 ½ cups)

For night: 1 oz of bourbon


Start boiling water in a tea kettle. Add your honey to the bottom of a large mug. Place your ginger slices in a small sieve, or if you have one of those nifty tea-ball infusers that would work great too. I’ve told you before, but I keep a few chunks of freshly peeled ginger in my freezer. It freezes really well and keeps for a long time, making it perfect for just such an unpredictable occasion. Once your water is hot, pour it over your ginger and let sit for a minute or two. Remove your ginger and stir, dissolving all the honey. For all the benefits, drink this HOT, but don’t burn yourself. If you need a little extra sleepy time benefit, add an ounce of bourbon… maybe a little Basil Hayden?

Yea, do it. Your disgusting mucous-coated throat will thank you.


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