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Coincidence? Or Divine Intervention.

I think my prayers have been answered.

Was I not just lamenting that Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project needed to come to Ohio? I reference you to the following blog post for proof: http://lovebeerlovefood.com/201/

Pretty Things beer cap/logo

I FOUND IT! Last weekend I made a trip to one of my favorite beverage-buying locations and saw the Pretty Things logo, clear as day, not 5 miles from my home. I have looked many times for that beautiful logo. At this very store, too! So! I have to ask myself, coincidence? or divine intervention. It’s a Christmas miracle, right?!? Either that or people have wised up to how good this beer is. Either way. I am pleased as punch as they say… somewhere.  I dunno, people say that right? Whatever, me = happy.

Meadowlark IPA!

AND they had a beer I haven’t even tried before, an IPA of all things! My faaaavorite. This one is really well balanced. Not boozy, nice and refreshing. It has a pleasant bitterness with strong but not overwhelming hoppiness. Gotta love a little citra hop. This really is a lovely IPA, if I do say so myself. Apparently this is their first true “American” beer. Great job guys, seriously, bravo. You know what would go great with this? Jalapeño “popper” puff pastry delights. I’m still working on the name, and the recipe…. Soon to come!!! Also, I think I’ve decided to make a habit of posting on Mondays. It just seems like a nice Monday thing to do, right? Otherwise Mondays are so… blech. It’s a universally known fact. It can only make the day better to hear about delicious beer and food. Obviously.

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