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Mussels Two Ways – cheap, easy, and made with BEER!

Don’t run away! Mussels truly are delicious, affordable, and easy to make.

Over the years I developed a love hate relationship with these shiny little mollusks. Love at first, then hate after a bad experience at a restaurant, and now, back to love. The mussel hiatus was officially lifted this October while visiting friends in Seattle. They whipped up a simple batch of mussels served with crusty bread that were so fresh and delicious it completely changed my tune. I learned then what I didn’t know during the hate phase: mussels are ridiculously easy to make at home and they are cheap! Add some beer and you have, perhaps, the perfect meal. Continue reading Mussels Two Ways – cheap, easy, and made with BEER!

Make your own beer mustard.

Seriously, do it. It is ridiculously easy. I’ll never buy mustard again.

I heard about making this pantry staple from friends of mine the day of our Cheese and Beer Pairing get together. They let me try some of their own homemade mustard and it was crazy good. When they said, all you have to do is mix beer, mustard seeds, and vinegar, I was sold. Could have stopped at “beer”. Continue reading Make your own beer mustard.

Simple and delicious beer vinaigrette

Remember when I made beer vinegar with chef Ryan Santos? Well, 8 months later it’s done and glorious.

It’s actually been done for a while, like since the summer. I sort of um, forgot about it. Which, at first was the point, since it needed about three months to get all vinegary and delicious.

And then it was November. Oops!

Good news is it’s definitely done, and it’s time to make some more.Making Beer Vinegar Continue reading Simple and delicious beer vinaigrette

Summer in a glass: Radler.

Ok. It’s many weeks into summer now and the sweating is getting a little crazy. Here is the perfect beverage to cool you off and not get you silly drunk.

I discovered radler on a super hot day this summer. I was having a mid day lunch meeting at a local gastropub. I wasn’t planning on having a beverage of the alcoholic variety on this particular Wednesday afternoon, but the person with which I was meeting unabashedly ordered a beer. Well, ok, I thought. Continue reading Summer in a glass: Radler.

How to make vinegar out of BEER {Collaboration Post}

As promised! The very exciting, long awaited collaboration post (part 1 of 2) featuring chef Ryan Santos. This beer vinegar business might sound a little crazy (even for me), but I swear to you it is so easy even a not-so-bright child can do it. Of course, don’t let the child drink the beer. Ok? Ok.

How To Make Beer Vinegar using 50W  IPA

Continue reading How to make vinegar out of BEER {Collaboration Post}