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BBQ Sweet Potato Chips, “Grippo” Style

Meet the new love of my life. (Sorry Mike).

For those of you like, “errrrr Grippawhatta?” Let me fill you in.

Grippo’s seasoning is a sweet, salty, spicy bbq mix best known for it’s use on Grippo chips, simply called by local Cincinnatians, “Grippos.” Grippos are easily one of the best things to come out of Cincy, like waaaaaaaay better than Sky Line or Gold Star “chili.” Seriously, what is that stuff?

There are several restaurants in town that actually use the Grippo seasoning in their dishes. My favorite of these is the Rookwood Grippo french fries. The Rookwood is the first restaurant that Mike and I ate at in Cincinnati so we have such a soft spot for everything they do. Plus their burgers are freaking delicious.

"Grippo" seasoning

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Spicy Ginger Shiitake Soup

I cannot believe I have gone this long without a single mention of the best condiment of all time.

add extra sriracha

Sriracha, aka rooster sauce. You know of my love for mayo, but my relationship with Sriracha is so much deeper. If you combine the two and spread it on a sandwich, don’t even get me started. Continue reading Spicy Ginger Shiitake Soup

An early Christmas gift: The Perfect Party Appetizer

Anybody out there looking for delicious party recipes? Hmmmmm?

Jalapeño Popper Puff Pastry Amazingness

I’ve got you covered. Consider this part II of my series on the awesomeness that is frozen puff pastry. If you’ve ever had a jalapeño popper, this is kind of like that… except a whole lot easier. Continue reading An early Christmas gift: The Perfect Party Appetizer

Traditional Indian Coconut Rice with Chicken Curry: Part I

As I was thinking about what to make for dinner this week (and what to drink with it), I realized I needed some inspiration. I pulled out my recipe binder and started flipping through. Hidden far in the back was a hand written recipe for coconut rice in a handwriting I didn’t recognize at first.

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