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Experimenting with Boardwalk Beer Bread

Recently I had the pleasure of whipping up this tasty beer bread courtesy of Boardwalk Food Company.

While I had never heard of this particular company, I thought, anyone offering an easy beer bread mix is certainly worth checking out. Y’all know how much I love a good beer bread after all.

Rosemary Parmesan Beer BreadI chose to try the Rosemary Sea Salt version because I just adore the flavor of rosemary.

Of course I couldn’t simply add beer and bake as the instructions say because I have an inane need to tinker. Take, for example, those frozen Trader Joe’s meals that you’re supposed to just throw in a hot skillet and stir – Goodness no! I just have to add extra veggies, garlic, cheese etc. Velveeta mac ‘n cheese? clearly needs broccoli in it didn’t you know?

That’s just how I role, can never leave well enough alone.

Boardwalk Rosemary Sea Salt Beer Bread + Parmesan

The combination of rosemary and Parmesan is perfection so I added a healthy dose of finely grated parm to the mix, you know, to fulfill my tinker urge.

And because cheese makes everything better, yes?


The beauty of these mixes is that you just a regular 12 oz beer (plus whatever add-ins you feel necessary), and in an hour you have a nice freshly baked loaf of bread.

Boardwalk Beer BreadOne criticism I have of the instructions is that there is no guidance on what type of beer to use for the bread (though their blog does have some fun and interesting beer pairing suggestions). I see this with a lot of recipes that call for beer as an ingredient. In some ways I can see how this might encourage experimentation but it could also result in an unexpected or not so tasty end product. Personally I avoid cooking with beers that have a lot of bittering hops, like most IPAs.

I chose Old Speckled Hen as my beer of choice for this mix because it has a pleasant maltiness without much bitterness. That hint of nutty malt sweetness worked well with the Parmesan and balanced out the rosemary pungency.

Overall the bread had a nice crust on the outside with the perfect combination of soft and chewy inside. Be warned that the rosemary flavor in the bread was pretty strong, rosemary lovers rejoice!


Many thanks to Boardwalk Food Company for letting me try their tasty product! I’d be very curious to try the other varieties, particularly the cornbread version, which I think would be excellent with a big bowl of chili!

If you want to try out these simple and tasty breads, you can head on over to their website and enter the code LoveBeer14 for 25% off! Would be a fun gift basket item – with a six pack of beer in it of course!

Tartine Bread: Tips for Successful Sourdough

I freaking love bread.

Not the flimsy, spongy white stuff that comes pre-sliced.I’m talking about real, crusty, glorious bread.

You might remember that I’ve been playing around with a basic and easy no-knead bread for a while. Over the past year I’ve been  making all sorts of little variations and generally just changing it up for fun.

Stout Bread
LBLF version of the classic ‘no knead’ bread

Though it truly is awesome, and an excellent place to start as a bread-baker, I decided recently it was time to step up my game.

While wandering around Portland, Maine on our recent vacation, me and the hubs sought shelter from a stray rain shower in a quaint book store. He picked up this great book all about the history of, and how to make cocktail bitters (don’t worry I’ve commissioned him to write a guest post all about it), and I found the new love of my life.

Enter the Tartine Bread book.

Using the Tartine Bread book

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Spent Grain Brown Butter Banana Bread

So much alliteration and deliciousness. You’re going to die. In a good way.

Spent Grain Brown Butter Banana Bread

Ever since we brewed our RyePA a few weeks ago, my friend Sarah and I have been on kind of a spent grain recipe bender. This is a good thing, because as it turns out, when you brew a 15 gallon batch of beer you have a LOT of grain leftover. Continue reading Spent Grain Brown Butter Banana Bread

Crispy Prosciutto and Brie Panini on Garlic Rosemary Bread

This is not just a sandwich, people. Goodness no.

Prosciutto Brie Sandwich

It is sooooo much more. Firstly, because I have a weird obsession with making each bite in a sandwich the same, aka doing it the right way. Secondly, remember my favorite nearly-no knead bread? Well this time I added rosemary and whole garlic cloves before kneading  ’cause I’m crazy like that. Lastly, in case you aren’t convinced, I went ahead and made my own mayo. I found a practically fool proof recipe which has kind of made my life. I know I exaggerate a touch, but I am truly a mayo fiend. I am that creepy person who dips her french fries in mayo, slathers it on sandwiches, and requests extra at restaurants. Ew, I know, I’m the worst.

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