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3 Things I’ve Learned about the Beer Biz

Long time no see fellow beer and food lovers! As you may remember, just over a year ago I made the decision to change my life’s course. I quit my stable, “adult” career and became a beer rep for Cavalier Distributing – a company dedicated to the sale of delicious, craft beer.

(What exactly IS a beer rep you ask? Don’t worry I’ll be diving into that in a future post… )

Before this crazy life decision of mine, I thought I knew a lot about the beer business. It wasn’t until I worked in the belly of the thirsty beer beast that I realized how much I truly didn’t know. The past year has been an education, that is for sure.

I thought you might like a glimpse into my world. Here are three things that I’ve learned about the beer business:

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How we’re killing craft beer classics: The death of Stone Ruination.

In the past 24 hours since seeing the news of Ruination’s demise on Stone’s Facebook page and subsequently their blog post, I’ve experienced all of the five stages of grief:

Denial:  NO. No way they can do this, holy crap no.

Anger:  That’s really messed up. Ruination is an iconic beer with a 100 rating on Ratebeer and a world class rating on Beer Advocate. Idiots!

Bargaining:  Ok Stone, give me another chance. I’m going to my local beer store to buy some right now, ok? Ok?!??

Depression:  Ruination 2.0? Just not going to be the same. Man that really sucks.

And finally, acceptance:  Ok, I get it. Ruination was seeing some decline in numbers and 2.0 is bound to be amazing. Way to stay relevant guys.

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Stop Calling Your Beer ‘Hoppy’

Hoppy has practically become as ubiquitous a word as ‘beer’ in the craft world and I can. not. stand it anymore!

    “Wow, this beer is sooo hoppy.”

           “Ew, I can’t stand hoppy beers.”

  “What?! I LOVE hoppy beers!”

Sound familiar?

Sixpoint 'Beer is Culture' Glass

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Porter vs. Stout: Really, what is the difference?

‘What exactly is the difference between stout and porter?’ someone  recently asked me. As I opened my mouth to explain, I realized that the answer is not as cut and dry as you might think.

While there are many varieties of so-called ‘dark beer’ such as schwarzbier, Scotch ale, dark American lager etc., the broad categories of stout and porter are probably the most well known. Actually, their histories are so intertwined that honestly I still get confused – what came first? The porter or the stout?

I was chatting recently with my friend Scott at Blank Slate Brewing Company about the differences and asked him how he approaches this topic with people. He responded that first, he likes to take a step back. He explains that as you go up the style chain, beers generally increase in flavor, body, and intensity (though there are some exceptions). If you think about the differences between a blonde ale and pale ale, or amber and brown ale this premise fits the bill. Porter and stout are a similar story, but with a lot more overlap.

DSC_0022Let’s take a look at what the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) style guidelines, the industry standard, say: Continue reading Porter vs. Stout: Really, what is the difference?

3 Common Beer Myths Busted

Beer is a beautiful thing – A perfect balance of four ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. Recently I have been hearing vicious lies circulating about this wonderfully complex and diverse beverage causing people to dismiss entire categories or even colors of beer.

Tragic, I know.

Let’s bust open  some of the most common beer myths, why don’t we?

dark beers aren't always heavy

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