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Beer Diary, The black IPA is done and turned out amaaaazing.

Oh dear. “Hopstache” is here folks.Hopstache Black IPA

Did I mention that it is insanely tasty? It actually tastes like a black coffee IPA, very roasty with a nice bitter hop finish. I would definitely make this beer again. Compared to the black IPA we did last year this one is not quite as hoppy in terms of flavor, but definitely good. Midwest Supplies really knows what they are doing. I wish I could tell you that the kit is still available but alas, this was a “Movember” only kind of thing.


The good news is I’m going to share the ingredient list with you:

Grain: 12 lbs Maris Otter, 8 oz Chocolate, 8 oz cara munich, 8 oz crystal 50/60, 8 oz carafa special 3, and 8 oz de-bittered black malts

Hops: 1 oz Columbus, 2 oz Pacifica, 2 oz Simcoe, and 1 oz Ahtunum hops

Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast

You know, in case you’re feeling adventurous. Be warned that this beer truly gives the drinker a fabulous hopstache. I mean really, look at that head!

chai latte milk stout

In other homebrew news, our chai latte milk stout is moving along quite nicely as well. We moved that beer into secondary fermentation (from plastic bucket to clear glass carboy). We also measured out the appropriate amount of our chai spice tincture and man oh man is it strong stuff. We’re only going to need 50 mL (1.7 oz) for the whole batch of beer. Yowza. Cardamom is the predominant flavor, and it is lovely. The beer should be  fully carbonated and ready to add to our beautiful tap system by next week!

tap system with chai latte milk stout

Life sure is good when you have a fully loaded tap system of delicious homebrew. Mmmm hmmmm.

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