Top Three Tuesday – New Year’s Eve Edition

I’m a bit early on this month’s Top Three Tuesday post, but I couldn’t help it! I just had to share with you some of my favorite New Year’s Eve-worthy beers. 

These are classy beers, reminiscent of the bubbly stuff, but even more delicious (and affordable). Let’s ring in 2014 right!

Starting off with . . .

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Mussels Two Ways – cheap, easy, and made with BEER!

Don’t run away! Mussels truly are delicious, affordable, and easy to make.

Over the years I developed a love hate relationship with these shiny little mollusks. Love at first, then hate after a bad experience at a restaurant, and now, back to love. The mussel hiatus was officially lifted this October while visiting friends in Seattle. They whipped up a simple batch of mussels served with crusty bread that were so fresh and delicious it completely changed my tune. I learned then what I didn’t know during the hate phase: mussels are ridiculously easy to make at home and they are cheap! Add some beer and you have, perhaps, the perfect meal. Continue reading Mussels Two Ways – cheap, easy, and made with BEER!

Cellar Dweller Craft Beer at Valley Vineyards

I had an opportunity to visit Cellar Dweller Craft Beer at Valley Vineyards winery last week – It has been on my to-do list for months, and I finally made it!

Here is a quick back story in case you’re new to Cellar Dweller: Valley Vineyards is an award winning winery located in Morrow, Ohio, just a short drive North of Cincinnati off 71. Steve, the head brewer of Cellar Dweller has been a homebrewer for many years. In 2012 he convinced his family, owners of Valley Vineyard to start a craft brewery in the basement. He literally is the cellar dweller. Now Steve serves up tasty craft beers from easy drinking lawnmower beers to high IBU hop bombs at the Vineyard. Continue reading Cellar Dweller Craft Beer at Valley Vineyards

On beer, women, and the continuing need for advocacy

Beer is in the midst of a cultural shift – the craft beer industry is booming and beer tastes are changing for men and women. Despite some growth in the female beer market, it remains that only 25 – 29 percent of American ladies like beer.

Historically, brewing was considered the responsibility of women. Back then, brewing was mainly done in the home. Starting in the 18th century, beer became a major business, and quickly became dominated by men. Despite gains, beer continues to be seen as a man’s drink and business. This fact is perhaps most evident by the way beer is marketed, aka the sexy pin-up or Bud Girl. Most often when beer is marketed to women it is low-calorie, “lite” beer. Even the craft beer industry is guilty of this kind of beer sexism. Take, “Tramp Stamp,” a Belgian IPA brewed by the venerable Clown Shoes out of Massachusetts. If the name and label isn’t telling, the description is even worse: “Like a stamp on a tramp, this beer is about not so subtle seduction. Soft but complex malts, Chambly yeast, sweet orange peel, Columbus, Amarillo, and Centennial hops have merged to create a bodacious Belgian IPA.” Not only is the beer clearly intended for men, this wreaks of “not so subtle” female objectification. This is only one of many examples.

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Make your own beer mustard.

Seriously, do it. It is ridiculously easy. I’ll never buy mustard again.

I heard about making this pantry staple from friends of mine the day of our Cheese and Beer Pairing get together. They let me try some of their own homemade mustard and it was crazy good. When they said, all you have to do is mix beer, mustard seeds, and vinegar, I was sold. Could have stopped at “beer”. Continue reading Make your own beer mustard.