Top Three Tuesday – November Edition

A while back I started a monthly post about my three favorite beers of the moment. That lasted like, two months. Oops! I’m bringing it back from the dead for November with a promise to be more consistent. Pinky swear. Without further ado, my top three faves: DSC_0938 Continue reading Top Three Tuesday – November Edition

Funky, Farmhouse Saison

Saison is one of those wonderfully complex beers that puts even the most delicious white wines to shame. ┬áThe fruity, somewhat spicy aroma, the crisp dry palate with even more fruit and spice and sometimes funky finish – what’s not to love?

Lately, I have been obsessed.

fizzy yellow beer is for wussies

Over the summer hubby and I brewed up our own saison using pilsner malt, torrified wheat, flaked wheat, and some light munich malt for complexity. We added just a dash of spices at the end of the boil (whole peppercorns, fresh orange and grapefruit peel, and coriander) for that extra something. You’re probably wondering to yourself, um, it’s November, wtf happened?

Well, somewhat stupidly, we chose a notoriously slow fermenting yeast (Wyeast 3724), which meant our beer bubbled slowly but consistently all summer long. This yeast loves warm temperatures (>90 degrees Fahrenheit ideally), but even after two months in the warmest part of our house, the beer still wasn’t quite as dry as we wanted. On our next trip to the brew store we chatted up the employee, and when we told him of our saison dilemma, with a twinkle in his eye suggested we add brettanomyces. Mike and I exchanged sideways glances and I remember thinking and saying out load, I’m not sure if we’re ready for that . . .

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