BBQ Sweet Potato Chips, “Grippo” Style

Meet the new love of my life. (Sorry Mike).

For those of you like, “errrrr Grippawhatta?” Let me fill you in.

Grippo’s seasoning is a sweet, salty, spicy bbq mix best known for it’s use on Grippo chips, simply called by local Cincinnatians, “Grippos.” Grippos are easily one of the best things to come out of Cincy, like waaaaaaaay better than Sky Line or Gold Star “chili.” Seriously, what is that stuff?

There are several restaurants in town that actually use the Grippo seasoning in their dishes. My favorite of these is the Rookwood Grippo french fries. The Rookwood is the first restaurant that Mike and I ate at in Cincinnati so we have such a soft spot for everything they do. Plus their burgers are freaking delicious.

"Grippo" seasoning

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A Tale of Two RyePA’s

We’ve been very busy little homebrewers of late, and it feels so right.

I’ve been talking a lot about these RyePA (Rye IPA) beers we brewed on our friend Sean’s Electric Brewery system, remember that gorgeous system I told you about? Well, they’re all carbonated and ready to enjoy!! To celebrate, last weekend we had a combined tapping/birthday party. What better way to celebrate my late twenties than with a duo of delicious home brews!

We went ahead and splurged by getting Eli’s BBQ catered which was UH-mazing. God I love that place. Beers and BBQ, ya’ll. Happy birthday to me.

Mike enjoying a MadTree Happy Amber at Elis

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Spent Grain Brown Butter Banana Bread

So much alliteration and deliciousness. You’re going to die. In a good way.

Spent Grain Brown Butter Banana Bread

Ever since we brewed our RyePA a few weeks ago, my friend Sarah and I have been on kind of a spent grain recipe bender. This is a good thing, because as it turns out, when you brew a 15 gallon batch of beer you have a LOT of grain leftover. Continue reading Spent Grain Brown Butter Banana Bread

Burgers and Beers: Smashburger Teams up with Moerlein

Burgers and beers. Like peanut butter and jelly, or fig and prosciutto. It just makes sense.
Moerlein and Smashburger Team Up

Last week I was honored to be invited to the media pre-view of Smashburger’s new burger and beer pairing menu. As soon as I heard the words burger and beer, I was sold. It didn’t even matter that I’d never heard of Smashburger until I received the email invitation. Continue reading Burgers and Beers: Smashburger Teams up with Moerlein

Hot or Cold Barley Summer Salad

I’m gonna be honest. I’m not really sure what this recipe is. I mean, other than fresh and delicious.

Hot or Cold Barley Salad

Is it a cold salad? Is it a warm side dish?

Hm. It could be either, I guess. You decide! Like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. Continue reading Hot or Cold Barley Summer Salad