6 Months of LBLF Outtakes.

Sometimes I think that food bloggers take themselves a bit too seriously. There is actually an entire website dedicated to mocking the crazy things we say. It’s pretty hilarious, actually, you should check it out. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a 24 hour citrus marinated, grilled pork tenderloin with a side of braised haricot vert just as much as the next guy or gal, but sometimes we all need to just simmer down. Since last week was the definition of “too serious” I thought I’d lighten things up a bit by sharing some of my not-so-finest moments of this 6 month foray into blogging.

Exhibit A. Bread pudding featuring a particularly horrific display of improper dairy usage. You see, one day, a coworker randomly gave me a large, crusty baguette to take home. Sweet, I thought, maybe I’ll try and make bread pudding. So I did.

disgusting bread pudding

And It was disgusting. Continue reading 6 Months of LBLF Outtakes.

What a week…

Wow guys. What a week. Seriously, what a $(&#@!^ week. I think the satirical online newspaper, the Onion put it best, “… sorry, is all this sh*t really happening at once? Because if all this sh*t is really happening at once, multiple reports verified, then this might actually be, honest to God, one of the worst weeks of all time.” Continue reading What a week…

The trials and tribulations of growing hops {+ my March fave}

Look what came in the mail!!!
cascade hop rhizome

Some of you are like, um, wtf is that? Hop rhizomes people!!! It is officially hop planting season. Last year was the first year we planted hops. We opted for three varieties: the very popular Cascade, Nugget, and Golding varieties, which grow back from season to season. Quite unfortunately, a very evil squirrel hijacked the entire Cascade rhizome so we bought another one, and tried again. This time we learned our lesson and installed some netting, as well as a solar powered stake that supposedly uses sonic waves to scare away animals. I’m slightly skeptical about whether this actually works, but so far, so good. Continue reading The trials and tribulations of growing hops {+ my March fave}

The Easter Duck and PURPLE Carrots

For Easter dinner I made this ridiculously delicious duck breast recipe from Food52. This from a girl who has never made any form of duck. Ever.

Maple Orange Glazed duck

Pretty fancy looking, right? Are you drooling? I kind of am just looking at these pictures all over again. Even though this meal was just for hubby and I, it was still a bit of a nail biter. Thank goodness it ended up being way easier than I expected. I was definitely skeptical. Continue reading The Easter Duck and PURPLE Carrots

Phoenix Beer Adventures (Part 3 of 3. Finally.)

Oops! I kiiiind of forgot about this last little Beer Diary Travel Edition post. My bad. It’s not even because it was a lackluster, unmemorable experience or something. In fact, it was by far the beer highlight of our trip.

Fate Brewing Scottsdale AZFor those of you who don’t remember, or who are just joining the conversation (hi! welcome!) Mike and I visited his family in Phoenix, AZ back in February. As with most vacations, we spent a fair amount of time checking out the local beer scene (Part 1 and Part 2 for reference). We stumbled upon Fate Brewing one afternoon after a delicious breakfast out with Mike’s fam. Continue reading Phoenix Beer Adventures (Part 3 of 3. Finally.)