How-to: Build your own custom keg system

I guess this is a “how-to” kind of week. The best kind of how-to’s: Those that involve beer!

But first, I’m excited to say our Chai Latte Milk Stout is DONE and pouring beautifully out of our very own custom built tap system. You might remember that this recipe started out as a basic milk stout recipe. We then added a chai tincture that we made by soaking chai spices (cardamom, cinnamon, etc.) with vodka. We had to do some fancy math to figure out exactly how much tincture we wanted in the beer. When was the last time you did cross multiplication? Hubby was all over that one. This way, we knew the ratio of tincture to beer that would give us the exact flavor we wanted. Once the beer was ready for kegging, we used a sterile syringe to measure out the right amount of tincture and added it.

OK, keggerator time. Since hubby built this sucker, I’ll let him tell you exactly what he did: Continue reading How-to: Build your own custom keg system

How to make vinegar out of BEER {Collaboration Post}

As promised! The very exciting, long awaited collaboration post (part 1 of 2) featuring chef Ryan Santos. This beer vinegar business might sound a little crazy (even for me), but I swear to you it is so easy even a not-so-bright child can do it. Of course, don’t let the child drink the beer. Ok? Ok.

How To Make Beer Vinegar using 50W  IPA

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Beer Diary: Blank Slate Brewing Company is in the ‘Hood!

There are lots of exciting things going on right now here at LBLF. I can hardly stand it! This weekend I had the honor of touring Blank Slate Brewing Company, a relative new-comer to the Cincinnati craft beer scene. Scott Lafollette, brewer owner, and I chatted about all things brewing for almost two hours. We had a blast as he showed me around the brewery, discussing what BSBC was all about, and tasting a beer, or three. Blank Slate Brewing Company

I ALSO had the pleasure (please-ure?) of meeting up with my new friend, Ryan Santos, chef of the outstanding haute cuisine style pop-up dinner series “Please to Eat You.” He’s graciously sharing a beer&food hybrid with LBLF: how-to make vinegar out of BEER. Me=freaking.out.about.this. Then we’ll be collaborating on a subsequent recipe using the vinegar that can’t be missed. I just love a little DIY in the kitchen. You’ll have to wait for my upcoming Monday food musings for more about the how to, I just couldn’t help but give you a little teaser. Continue reading Beer Diary: Blank Slate Brewing Company is in the ‘Hood!

Individual Strawberry Rhubarb (Cardamom) Crumbles

Wandering around my most favorite local market always gives me so much inspiration (and NO it is not Trader Joe’s, but good guess).

Individual Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

This time, I discovered some absolutely gorgeous rhubarb at Daisy Mae’s at Findlay Market. It was just too pretty to put down. I mean, seriously?


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Beer Diary, Phoenix beer adventures (Part 2 of 3).

Yay! Part 2. Exciting stuff. This is the part where I get to tell you about a new (to me) microbrewery in Phoenix, AZ, Sun Up Brewing.

Sun Up Brewing AZ

Mike’s dad brought us to Sun Up one cold, miserable day during our vacation. You know, the day it SNOWED in Phoenix, which basically never happens. I have some terrible pictures on my phone to prove it. Continue reading Beer Diary, Phoenix beer adventures (Part 2 of 3).