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The Prettiest Beer

Baby Tree, how I love thee.

Tonight I made latkes, and drank a bomber of Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project’s Baby Tree. Pretty doesn’t even start to describe this beer. It’s one of the first darker beers I actually loved. Like, obsession, can’t sleep at night love. Ok, not really. But it’s a pretty bad-ass beer. Yet again, Pretty Things is one of those local Massachusetts beers that you CANNOT get in the big O (Martha and Dann please come to Ohiooooooo!!) On our way back from our wedding, we were able to snag up some of their delicious brews in Rochester, New York (of all places, they actually have a great, ginormous beer store there: Beers of the World. Good to know if you ever find yourself stranded visiting).









While touring all the Rochester attractions (just the beer store), we snatched up some Baby Tree, a quadruple, and their flagship beer, Jack D’or, a saison style. Despite Baby’s 9% ABV, this beer is sooooo drinkable. Watch out though, it’ll get ya. It’s malty but at the same time has a nice light mouthfeel, with a raisiny, barely sweet finish. OMG ITS SO GOOD. I honestly don’t know how to describe it. I feel like I need to take one of those  tasting classes where they describe things like “pure prune aroma with the tiniest hint of earthen clay,” just to even start giving this beer justice. Just try it, and be happy.

If you’re wondering about the latkes, I finally discovered this great food blog: smittenkitchen.com. I know, I’m probably the last person to hear about this insanely popular blog, yeesh (thank you NPR). Her latke recipe is phenom:


I added a little rosemary to the mix, and topped with a dollop of sour cream, ’cause, why not add a delicious high-fat dairy product to your oil fried latkes?  

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