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10 Ways to Cook with BEER!

10 Ways to Cook with BEER!

It’s no surprise that I love to cook with beer. My recent interview with the fine folks of the Ohio Beercast inspired me to think about all the various ways you can use beer in cooking. I was amazed at all of the options I came up with – practically limitless.

To get us thinking, here are 10 Ways to Cook with Beer:

1.) Add beer to soups and stews.

Subbing a bit of beer for water or broth in your soups and stews can really amp up the flavor. Chili is a classic with beer – try BeerQuest ABV’s tasty looking beer chili, or branch out with this spicy Indian tomato soup from Draft Magazine.

2.) ‘Beerinade’ your meat. 

Grilling season and beer, there is practically nothing better. A simple marinade with beer, salt, and a bit of oil is all you need to enhance the flavor of your favorite steak or chicken. Add extra herbs and spices for the perfect ‘beerinade.’

"beerinaded" flank steak

3.) Make your own pantry staples! 

It’s not only economical and easy, DIY beer-based condiments are delicious too.

Perhaps you’ve got some leftover, maybe flat beer from a too old growler? It’s super easy to make your own beer vinegar.

You can even make your own beer mustardAll you have to do is combine beer, mustard seeds and vinegar (home made beer vinegar?!), let it sit overnight, blend, then “ripen” for a few days. Voila! Your very own beer mustard.

Beer Mustard

4.) Add beer to salad dressings.

Boost that salad with a spritzy IPA vinaigrette like this Orange and Ale vinaigrette, or try my own Basic Beer Vinaigrette made with your home made beer vinegar and you’ve got a beer-tastic vinaigrette ready to mingle with your favorite fresh greens.

5.) Add beer to your side dishes.

Replace wine with beer in your favorite risotto, aka beerisotto, or try my favorite barley beerisotto. I’m dying to try these simple beer-baked white beans. Or you can always de-glaze a pan of sautéed veggies i.e. bacony brussel sprouts + your favorite porter.

Tons of options here.

6.) Make beer bread.

One of my favorite ways to cook with beer is to add it to bread. I’ve made my favorite Nearly No-Knead bread with everything from Yeungling to home-brewed stout. There are a zillion versions of other easy breads made with beer, try this classic one from King Arthur’s Flour.

Stout Bread
My favorite nearly no-knead bread made with beer


You have not lived life unless you have eaten beer cheese. There are a bunch of versions, but I love this easy no-cook version from my friend Tom over at Queen City Drinks.

8.) Beer batter everything.

Slop some beer batter on all of the things and fry ’em up crisp.

Try these beer battered shrimp tacos from The Beeroness, or Alton Brown’s fish and chips. What about onion rings, or asparagus, heck veggies of all kinds, even olives! YUM!

9.) Braise meats with beer.

Again, limitless options. Try beer brats, beer-braised beef and onions, or this mouthwatering pulled pork.

10.) One word: Dessert!!!!

Beer plus chocolate is a no brainer. Try my favorite, totally re-donkulous Dark Chocolate Vanilla Porter BACON Cupcakes. GAH! Or what about this Triple-Chocolate Stout Loaf Cake?

Options don’t end there, whip up a Bruleed Pumpkin Beer Pie, or Caramel Apple Tart made with Brother Thelonius from North Coast Brewing.

Dark chocolate bacon vanilla porter cupcakes
Dark chocolate, vanilla porter BACON cupcakes

Think outside the box too with beer popsicles aka beersicles, and of course a delicious beer float. Make sure to add the ice-cream to the beer, and not the other way around otherwise you’ll end up with a foamy mess.

I hope this post has inspired you to drink your beer and eat it too!

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